February 29, 2024


Does your Wagoneer look stock? Sorry. Come here to rectify that mistake and it can look like this!

Got that “not stock” look

We got this unit up in the air with the help of the Rockyroad Outfitters 3″ suspension lift kit. The front lift is totally not a Readylift 3″ lift for a NBS Ram 1500. Absolutely not. AND HOW DARE YOU FOR SUGGESTING IT!

Slabbin’ up to soccer practice with that automotive drip

Of course we went with the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT. Shit load of miles, really quiet, just aggressive enough to look tough. Not telling you what size the tire is because it’s a trade secret so nananabooboo. Stuntin’ the Gear Offroad 770B with the gloss black finish in a 20×10 setup.

It’s fetch

So yeah. Lifted a fake Jeep. Looks dope as hell. You should get one, then bring it here and let us do some stuff to it. It rides great and looks good while doing it. Leeeeeroooooooooyyyyy Jenkins!