August 10, 2023


There’s literally only one thing to do to a brand spanking new truck purchased from Paris Chevrolet (where Chevy dreams come truuuuuuuuuuueeeeeee), bring it to Off-Road King and have us rip a bunch of shit off and put newer betterer shit on it. Shall we proceed?

First off, gotta rip out the stock suspension. Get rid of it! IT’S GOT TO GO!!! We installed the Readylift 6″ suspension lift kit with the Falcon shock upgrade. They’re great Falcon shocks and they make the truck ride so Falcon smooth. And they look Falcon great. If they made them for my Falcon truck you bet your Falcon ass I’d have them on there.

This kit allows us to easily clear the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T tires. These fothermuckers are 37″ tall and are rated for 50,000 miles. That’s borderline outrageous. We have had great luck out of these tires and they are my first recommendation for someone looking for an all terrain tire that will get a metric ton of miles out of them.

I see you noticed the wheels? What’s that, you would like the details on them so you can say you want to do something different but still put the same wheel as this on your truck, Jeep or SUV because they look so good? This is the Fuel Off-Road Rebel, 20×10 with the matte grey face and black bead ring. They’re filthy, but in a good way. The -18 offset provides the desired stance with the right amount of aggressiveness without looking absolutely **** as ****, pardon my language.

Oh yeah the steps! This thing came with factory power steps but they weren’t powerful enough and they didn’t drop down far enough and they didn’t look cool enough. How the hell did the remedy those issues? With the help of the Amp Research XL Powersteps! These bad boys drop down even furtherer than the reggie Amp steps, and they have a nifty rock slider looking thing that should absolutely never ever be used as a rock slider because that’s a recipe for an expensive disaster.

So yeah, that’s that. In my humble opinion, one of the better looking trucks we’ve shat out of the shop in awhile. It has the right combination of style, practicality and straight up class. Do you need your truck to be betterer than what it currently is? Then come on through or give us a holler and we’ll get you fixed up brother.