2023 FORD BRONCO BADLANDS - Buck Around and Find Out

August 02, 2023

2023 FORD BRONCO BADLANDS - Buck Around and Find Out

Let’s show her the “O” face boys! Comin’ in hot we have a Ford Bronco from the futuristic year of 2023. Aren’t we supposed to have flying cars by now? And what do you mean the Bronco is now “retro”? Stop making me feel old!

These things are pretty slick from the factory. We’re not going to say anything about the issues with the hard tops or the dealer markups, that would be rude and I’m not that type of person. We didn’t do anything crazy but we still made it fun, ya know, like a little hair pulling. And of course we had a safe word, we’re professionals after all.

Let’s start with the shoes. Fuel Sledge, or the D596 if you’re one of those weirdos that calls Fuel wheels by their model number, psycho. These babies are in the 20×10 setup with -19 offset to give it a little pokey poke. The finish is in matte black with a gloss black ring simply because it looks badass.

You may have noticed the giant ass tires. Oh you didn’t? Well they are the Mickey Thompson Baja Legend MTZ and they are 37″ tall because sometime subtlety is dumb. How did we accomplish the lift height to run these fellas?

That was accomplished with the help of the Readylift Suspension 3″ SST lift kit. It comes with everything a growing Bronco needs to be big and strong. Heavy duty upper control arms for proper alignment shenanigans and super duper really strong strut spacers as well as a rear track bar relocation bracket so that dude doesn’t dog track.

So yeah, a slick little rig that needed a bit of help fulfilling its potential. And that’s what ORK does! Do you have a Bronco that’s stock? Well what are you waiting for? Give us a call and we’ll make it not look like that!